Saturday, April 5, 2008


With Blood Comes Cleansing

Victory Records

With Blood Comes Cleasing, is one of the bands that some of you out there reading this review will (probably listening to some "extreme" bad ass stuff) eventually call generic. This whole new generation of bands (mostly coming from U.S. for sure) made the extreme music scene a bit over crowded, that's an undeniable fact. It became really hard to figure out which ones are really worth listening and which ones worth "the recycle bin" treatment. With Blood Comes Cleansing is in my very humble opinion not of those worth "dragging and dropping" to the recycle bin type bands. Though their 2nd release (debut for victory rec.), Horror, is nowhere near a groundbreaking gem. At least with the lyrical content of christianity issues. They seem to not preach anything to anybody, but well, (am i the only one thinking this whole breed of bands who have just "seen the light" before releasing an album, got a bit overrated?) as long as they use the "christian" tag this willingly, not everybody will probably believe their sincerity. Anyway what we've got in our hands is an above average band playing mostly highly average tunes of modern metal. Still worth waiting for their best shot to come with the next release though. [6/10]

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