Monday, August 10, 2009


PsycheDOOMelic Records


Deadmask is a duo from Spain. Even though [of violence] is quite aware of the ongoing interest in music biz about this whole male vs. female duo phenomenon, fortunately we have a whole lotta different case here.
Spanish extremists Machetazo’s Dopi and vocalist Nuria blended a fine mixture of proto metal’s production trademarks with doomy riffage and infectiously loud bass & drums. Constructed two timeless sounding Deadmask compositions and four covers- carefully choosen from their “influences to be hailed immediately” textbook. Clocking barely over 18 minutes, Under Luciferian Wings EP features what we all miss in today’s polished-to-the-bone heavy music. Catchy heaviness of first two tracks, Your Other Side and Damned resembles Deadmask is not even an inch behind their equivalents performing the same genre. Nuria’s voice and accent gives the songs a unique touch that only have a resemblence to the late 60s acts. Occult doom pioneers Coven’s Wicked Woman and Sabbath worshipping veterans Pentagram’s You’re Lost, I’m Free can be considered as quite obvious choices for genre’s die-hard fans but Deadmask manages to pull it off, leaving you with nothing but a grim smile on your face. The last track of the EP, a The Coffinshakers cover, is an acoustic cut with chants of “no rest for the wicked”setting up the calmer grande final for this short but pleasing experience.

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