Sunday, August 30, 2009




There’s a severe competition going on. Everyday you can’t help but come across a vast number of bands surging from all over the world volunteering to bleed your ears, take over your world and leave you desperate for more. Despite this overcrowded scene has quite a lot to offer, even more than one hectic listener can take, some lucky blokes somehow manage to become playlist regulars. Turkish juggernauts Unleash are one of the bands deserving that regular spot and a worthy addition to "bands to check out" list of yours before its too late.

With an dauntless effort to spread their music to wider audiences since they were formed back in 2006 as axeman Ahmet’s one man project then step by step transforming into a five-piece fullthrottle band, releasing a demo in 2007 and an EP –entitled “Wake”- in 2009. Consisting of 3 brand new Unleash penned tracks and a re-recording of Death Incarnate from their debut demo The New Constitution, Wake signifies a young band sharpening their proficiency in arranging and recording their music in quest for their own identity. Even though it’s undeniable to feel they still need spending some quality time to work on sounding more unique. However that obviously (and easily) can be put aside as the band hardly blunders in executing aggressive, modern sounding brutal tunes. Lamb of God and mighty “Cowboys From Hell” influences are evident and there are moments reminiscent of Fear Factory’s trademark production ethics through out the 17 minute ride of the “Wake EP”. The man behind the vocal duties, Kaan’s growls are a cross between Randy Blythe and Max Cavalera. And he does a fine job, only lacking a bit of variety. Death Incarnate draws apart from the other 3 tracks with its oldschool death metal riffage showing the band is also capable of writing well crafted tunes that would also apply to long time fans of the genre. With a more focussed approach to song arrangements, putting more effort on genuine six-string riff writing and a better balanced encounter of modern and classic, there’s definitely a lot more Unleash can offer in upcoming years.

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