Friday, January 30, 2009

-- brand new track now online from Blut Aus Nord

It's currently online at Blut Aus Nord's record label Candlelight's myspace page.
The track comes from band's upcoming release Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars which is due to be out on February 23 and titled The Formless Sphere (Beyond The Reason).
So here is the link to check it out now.

-- Manic Ritual to release Executioner in March

Manic Ritual formerly known as Meltdown is announced to release their debut album via Nuclear Blast in March. Band's debut Executioner was recorded at Stage One Studios by infamous producing legend Andy Classen.
"We had a killer time in Germany recording with Andy Classen. His studio has seen some awesome bands make killer records, and we feel ours definitely holds its own. It's heavy, fast, aggressive, and completely true to the institution of heavy metal. With few distractions in the German countryside, we focused in on getting the album to sound exactly how we wanted." told Dan Wetmore the guitar/vocal of German band to On the right you can see the cover artwork for the upcoming release.

view band's video for One By One by clicking here now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

-- Sanctification's new album preview

Swedish death metallers consisting of former and current members of bands like God Among Insects and In Battle are looking for a drummer right now. Though it's not the reason a history [of violence] entering this news item to the page. They also have just made the title track (aptly titled Black Reign) from their new album available at their myspace profile. With this addition you can listen to 3 brand new tracks from the upcoming full-length. Sanctification also have video series of their recording sessions online. Black Reign was produced by Peter and Tommy Tägtgren at infamous Abyss studios and also features guest appearence on various tracks from Peter. Dan Swano was the man behind the mastering process. With all these references it's hard not to lookk forward to hear the album which will be out via Pulverised Records.

Sanctification @ myspace

-- Ashent: Italians now more Deconstructive!

Metallers hailing from Italian shores, Ashent, have announced that their upcoming album will be released by Lion Music and be out on March '09.
here is the Lion Music's definition of what Ashent's music is all about:
"Deconstructive is a potent progressive experience with many techno-thrash elements, some melodic death references and gothic atmospheres. Each song has its own distinct style with a mix of huge riffs, great variety of tempo, persuasive harmonies, great melodies and shredding arrangements. Essentially Ashent represents the darkest and heaviest side of progressive metal, sharing dramatic and intense emotions with the intimacy of an inner journey, all wrapped in a modern musical and lyrical language."
click here to check Ashent if Lion Music's statement hasn't convinced you :]

Friday, January 16, 2009

-- E-FORCE announces the new line up

With two critically acclaimed full-lengths under their belts ex-Voivod man Eric Forrest's E-Force has just announced a new line up. Forrest stated: "I would like to thank all the ex-members for their participation and good luck! Looking forward to some festival appearances later this year and some new E-FORCE creations". The new line up consists of Forrest on bass & vocals (as predicted), Vincent Agar on lead guitar duties, with addition of ex-Enthroned drummer Alsvid and Julian on rhythm guitar.
click here to check out up to date news about the band.

SYMPHORCE - Godspeed [2005]


Metal Blade Records

Symphorce can be considered as one of the most underrated bands of European scene. Although they release albums since 1999, they are never mentioned amongst the leading acts of european power metal genre. Godspeed is the band’s fifth full-length and as usual, they deliver a solid effort of modern power metal. They are injecting small doses of modern sounds and approaches to their music for years. And this latest effort is again in some ways sound very traditional and in some ways very modern (and quite American sometimes). Andy B. Franck is a great singer, there’s no doubt about it. But he has a quite busy schedule with his two bands(Brainstorm and Symphorce)and i think, this makes him a little bit exhausted in terms of creativity. You can hear the signs quite obviously through out the album, Godspeed. The vocal lines he wrote, will sound really familiar if you have listened to the older releases of his two bands. Cedric C. Dupond and Markus Pohl, the two axemen, are in top form. They play very tight and ..... click here to read the rest of the review

ROB ZOMBIE - Educated Horses [2006]

Rob Zombie
Educated Horses
Geffen Records

White Zombie was one of the few bands that had its own unique identity. Then they called it off and the man behind the whole idea of the White Zombie concept started a solo career. He eventually rose from the ashes of White Zombie and built himself an excellent career with the help of the trend obsessed American Music Industry. After satisfying himself with some Hollywood extravaganza, he re-turned his face towards more familiar shores and decided to do what he does best, writing top quality industrial hard rock songs and recorded a new album with his long-time collaborator Scott Humphrey (worked with Mötley Crüe, Fleetwood Mac, The Cult before) called “Educated Horses”. The album kicks off with an intro named “Sawdust In The Blood”..... click here to read the rest of the review

Friday, January 2, 2009

-- Suidakra ready to shatter some swords!!

Germany's one of the finest folk influenced melodic death metallers Suidakra is releasing their brand new full-length titled Crógacht in February.
Click here to view the cover artwork.

and here is the first video from the album surfaced for the song Shattering Swords

-- Criminal arrives back with White Hell

Since the day Criminal moved to England from Chile, the band releasing one helluva good album after another. Now, it seems, a new installment of Criminal's high energy charged metal has come. February 27th is the day new record White Hell will be hitting the shelves via Massacre Records. The album will be released with bonus DVD in European territories though the contents of the DVD yet to be announced.
21st Century Paranoia from White Hell can be heard right now at the band's myspace page. Click on the song title to check it out now!