Monday, December 8, 2008

-- Wardruna?

Debut album by ex-drummer of Gorgoroth, Kvitrafn's new project called Wardruna is about the see the daylight (light may not be the right word in these circumstances though ;)). Indie Recordings will be releasing Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga on January 19, 2009. Hagal, a new tune from the release can be listened right now at Wardruna's myspace page.

click here to get an idea.

-- Blakkheim's comments about the upcoming Katatonia album

According to Blabbermouth's news entry, Katatonia's Anders Blakkheim Nyström has stated the following comment about the upcoming full-length expected to be out early 2009.
"Bits and pieces have been collected ever since 'The Great Cold Distance' came out. It's just that we’ve been trying too hard, been thinking too much about the sound and direction. How can we top this and how can we change that? We've been stumbling around off-road looking for the answers and it ended up being a long walk. We don't find it meaningful to trace your own footsteps back from where you came, but we rather find the first nearest exit to the same road up ahead where we're at to get back on the map again."
He also adds "I won't give away any hints just yet about how it will sound, but we hope to give you more light on the progress of this untitled embryo as we get closer. What's certain is that we’ve found a good equation to work with now and that my friends is that it's all about the eighth studio album."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

-- John Kempainen leaves Black Dahlia Murder

According to vocalist Trevor Strnad's announcement, guitar player John Kempainen of the Black Dahlia Murder has left the band on the eve of the band's tour with Soilent Green and Misery Index starting in December.
here's Trevor's statement taken from Blabbermouth:
"On the eve of our December tour with friends MISERY INDEX and SOILENT GREEN, we in THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are faced with a heartbreaking dilemma: John [Kempainen; guitar] has abruptly left the fold and refuses to accompany us on the tour. We are left with no choice but to carry on with the dates as a four-piece. The remaining members of the band apologize for these unprofessional circumstances, but we feel that it is best to go through with the tour and not disappoint the other bands as well as the fans who are looking forward to these shows. Please come out and show some BLACK DAHLIA love in our hour of need."

-- Slaotvean : 2 new songs online

Melodic Black Metallers hailing from Quebec, Canada have just posted two brand new songs to their myspace profile from their upcoming album titled "Hell Inside". Hell Inside will probably be out early next year but by the mean time you can download Slaotvean's previous releases for free from their myspace profile.

Click here for the details and to check out the new tunes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

5to1: 5 Q&A with Echoes Of Silence

Here we are back with a newest installment of 5to1 series...
Echoes Of Silence, a one man project of Sir Leviticai Mortus hailing from US has replied [of violence]'s questions...
The next full-length release of Echoes of Silence is titled Beyond The Crimson Gates and will be out January 6th. So right before that a small appetizer for your darkest tastes.

-For those who are still unaware of Echoes Of Silence, could you please give us a brief introduction? Why should we check out your music?
Hails, I am Leviticai and Echoes of Silence is my solo Symphonic Black Metal project which I started in 1999. People should listen since the music is not just lyrics and instruments but it is true feelings and emotion poured into sound.
-You are under the official banner of USBMS… Can you tell us what is it all about this US Black Metal sect?
USBMS is the United States Black Metal Sect which is the main supporter behind the movement of American black metal. Many assume that good black metal just comes from Scandinavia but it is not just there where the black metal scene has a major following.
-Black Metal genre, although is being performed all around the world, is stil mostly associated with Scandinavian Countries (Norway in particular for sure). Do you think this is a disadvantage for all the other bands/projects hailing from different regions of the world?
I do not see it as a disadvantage since if the band is good, it will get true fans that will listen. I have heard many great bands from all over. The great Taiwanese Symphonic Black Metal act Chthonic is getting some notoriety and they come from a country we'd least expect to hear black metal.
-So Far So Good.. whats the biggest thing you think Echoes Of Silence have managed to accomplished up ‘til today?
Echoes of Silence is solely a one-man project. I have accomplished many, many things within the almost ten years as a project from sound-wise to member problems. "Stormbringer" will be the first album in three years to have all real instruments so that is a big accomplishment to me. Just being a project this long is an accomplishment in itself.
-As you’ve just uploaded a brand new tune titled Twilightning, to your myspace profile, its kind of a "must" to ask about the plans for the year 2009?
My plans are to keep writing new material. "Beyond the Crimson Gates" and "She is the Night" are to be released early 2009 since both were supposed to be released this year but due to complications, the albums will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records. "Beyond the Crimson Gates" will be released January 6th so pick up a copy!

click on the advert to check out Echoes Of Silence myspace page!

-- Bloodstock Open Air confirmations

Britain's open air frenzy Bloodstock's line up is shaping one by one. With the addition Norway's Satyricon here is the current confirmed bill for the festival which will take place in August 2009.



-- Hordes Of Chaos on january 19

One of the veteran writers of the textbook of thrash's German chapter, Kreator, announced the details of the upcoming album's details. Hordes Of Chaos will be out in Europe via SPV on January 19. Apart from the regular jewel case version the cd will also be out in a deluxe version as usual containing a bonus DVD featuring the "making-of" video footage. Kreator also announced that there will be an "ultra" deluxe version of the Hordes Of Chaos including a t-shirt and a photobook!
On the left you can see the cover artwork of the CD version of Hordes Of Chaos done again by Joachim Luetke who also did the artwork for Kreator's previous full-length Enemy Of God.

-- Dir En Grey's Dozing Green video

taken from Dir En Grey's latest offering Uroboros

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

-- Kingdom's debut coming out

Indiana's Kingdom is planning to release the debut full-length in December via Bound To Dissonance Records. The Return is the title of the cd and its the follow up to the band's split effort with Rotted Rebirth, Black Prophecy, Funeral Eucharist and Kill Again called "Firestorms Of Armageddon".
click here to check out the samples from The Return!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

-- Slayer's new tune Psychopathy Red !!

performed a brand new track called Psychopathy Red on November 21 in Copenhagen.

Here is the link for live footage of the song shot by a fan recently uploaded to youtube!

-- Exciter's debut surfaces again with a new artwork

Canadian cult heavy thrashers Exciter's self titled debut album is going to be reissued with a brand new cover artwork via Magnetic Air/MVD on January 20.
here is the new front cover:

-- Sweden Rock confirmations

Here is the first listing of confirmed acts for next year's Sweden Rock Festival!
Amon Amarth
Dream Theater
Heaven And Hell
In Flames
Lita Ford
Uriah Heep

-- DRYLL adds a new singer to the line-up

Venom's Mantas has announced the addition of a new singer to his new band Dryll. With Scott Michalel Cavagan's involvement the quintet headed right to the studio to record their debut release. Check out the band's myspace profile to hear a demo recording done with Cavagan.

Friday, November 21, 2008

-- Born From Pain is the Sons Of A Dying World?

As the new opus from Born From Pain hit the stores on October 31, the band keeps on promoting the album without losing momentum. They just made a new video for Sons Of A Dying World available at their myspace profile.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

-- Cipher System recording sessions video footage

Cipher System - Recording session

-- Kult Ov Azazel hails Black Flag

American underground black metal heroes has made a Black Flag cover titled My War available at their website's cover tunes section. Click here to check out My War and other covers done by Kult Ov Azazel.
By the mean time they also finished recording their next full-length due to be released early 2009. A brand new track called Conquer & Decimate from the upcoming cd can heard at the band's myspace page.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

-- Chris Barnes is back with Death Rituals

Six Feet Under
's new record will be out on November 14 via Metal Blade (as usual). Death Rituals will feature 12 brand new death anthems and also as bonus stuff's concerned three live tracks recorded live this summer will be included.
click here for more details.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

-- Means To A Dead End by Enemy Reign

Sherwood Webber (former Skinless member) comes up with a new band featuring members of Deadspeak. Means To A Dead End is the title of the debut 5- track EP Enemy Reign releasing soon. The EP was recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio.

check out two tracks from the EP and their tour details with Obituary and Unleashed at Enemy Reign's myspace page.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

-- Download MASTER's new track now!

Ibex Moon Records have just made available a brand new track from upcoming record of legendary US death metallers Master. Slave Of Society can be streamed and downloaded at Ibex Moon Records' myspace page.
click here to check it out now

-- Satyricon declares The Age Of Nero

November 3 is the day we all gonna listen to Norway's darkest imports Satyricon's brand new album. The Age Of Nero was recorded at Sun City Studios California (no, not at the cold forests of scandinavia) and will be out via Roadrunner Records.
As die-hard fans already heard Satyricon recruited two musicians for live shows. Gildas La Pape will handle the six string duties and Victor Brandt of Total Javla Mörker will deal with the bass lines.
It's confirmed that Satyricon will tour with labelmates Cradle Of Filth on January and February '09.

here is the full track listing:
01. Commando
02. The Wolfpack
03. Black Crow On A Tombstone
04. Die By My Hand
05. My Skin Is Cold (album version)
06. The Sign Of The Trident
07. Last Man Standing
08. Den Siste

Friday, August 29, 2008

-- listen to The Amenta's new track now!!

Click here to check out Autralian extremists The Amenta's brand new tune called Slave from their upcoming Listenable Records release "n0n" which will be out in late october.
here is the full track listing of "n0n":
01. On
02. Junky
03. Vermin
04. Entropy
05. Slave
06. Whore
07. Spine
08. Skin
09. Dirt
10. Atrophy
11. Cancer
12. Rape

-- Nevermore DVD out on October 20

Here's the DVD we all waiting for! Seattle's enemies of reality Nevermore releasing their DVD titled "Year Of The Voyager" on October 20 via Century Media. The main featurette of the DVD will be a full show recorded back in 2006 in Bochum Germany. It will also include bonus live performance video footage of Nevermore's Gigantour, Wacken and Metal Mania performances. Whatsmore 8 promo videos and an interview with Warrel Dane will also be included in this package.
for more Nevermore info click here

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5to1: 5 Q&A with German newcomers ONE BULLET LEFT

On this new episode(!) of 5to1 interviews Önder from German newcomers One Bullet Left answered [of violence]'s questions here we go! Before you move on to reading i suggest you to browse their profile and check out their brand new recorded tunes.
one bullet left @myspace

- Let's start with giving us a brief info about who the hell is One Bullet Left? :)
One Bullet Left is a metal band from Germany founded in 2005. We are 5 guys having a good time making loud, noisy music with really heavy sounding riffs but also a lot of melody involved. I hope that's enough information ... You can find more about us on our myspace page (especially our biography), of course...
- I know that you guys are currently working on the debut full-length. What's the current state of the album? Any release dates confirmed?
There is no release date confirmed yet, no. But we have finished five songs completely, and three other ones are almost done. The working vibe is pretty good at the moment, so we are confident that we will succeed finishing this first album soon.
-The overall sound and style of the debut album will be like the tracks featured at your myspace page or will there be any minor or major differences? which one of the songs you have at your profile page do you think represents OBL's sound best?
One of the best things about this band is, from my personal point of view as a musician, that there is a broad range of diversity within the music. You can say that each one of our songs somehow is „metal“, but one track can sound like thrash metal, another one is more like metalcore or death metal or whatever... i know that most bands claim to be innovative and diverse like that, but in this case, i would swear on my mom that to be true ;)
„Armageddon Sunrise“ shows our melodic side, i would suggest, „Feast For The Carnivore“ is a more brutal song, so those two combined, you maybe can get a feeling for what to expect of our album, maybe ..

- Current German metal/hardocore scene seems to quite active maybe even the most productive scene in European territories.. what would you like to tell us about the scene and OBL's place and goals in this scene?
The German scene really is active, yes, but this does not necesserily mean an advantage for a band, because it's pretty obvious, that it gets difficult to catch some attention when you are one among thousands...On the other hand, it's is pretty cool to meet new people so often on concerts and having the opportunity to play on so many different locations, festivals etc., and we don't take that for granted; I guess, we are very lucky to be a metal band from germany, a lot of metal things going on here...
I don't really know what to say about our „place“ in this scene, other people have a more objective point of view on that, I guess... Finishing our first full length- album is our main goul at the moment, a record, that each member of the band can be proud of...that should be the most important thing...if other people like our stuff, we feel very comfortable with that, of course...but you can't predict the future anyway, so we will see, what will happen after that, who knows...
- Apart from OBL, tell which other bands you think will be big sooner or later from Germany's underground metal/hardcore scene?
Wow, difficult question. As you know and I told, the scene here is SO active...Seriously, I really don't have a clue... there are a lot of bands with much potential, that's for sure...

-- new video from Slipknot.... "Psychosocial"

here is the brand new video
have a look!
Slipknot - Psychosocial Official Music Video

Monday, August 25, 2008

-- Download brand new Amon Amarth song : Twilight Of The Thundergod free

Metal Blade Records has just made available mp3 of a track from viking kings Amon Amarth's upcoming release Twilight Of The Thundergod.
click here to download title track Twilight of The Thundergod now!!

check out metal blade shop for release versions and details!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

-- These Are They: New band from Novembers Doom Members

Hailing from Chicago These Are They is the name of the new down-tuned guitar driven Chicago style death metal band founded by ex-Novembers Doom axeman Steve Nicholson and Paul Kuhr (vocalist of Novembers Doom). A full track titled The Indweller has just been uploaded to band's myspace profile. It is said to be fans of Obituary and Entombed should be among the first ones to greet and welcome this band to their archives!
check out These Are They @ myspace

Saturday, August 23, 2008

-- The Duskfall No More...

Swedish melodic death veterans The Duskfall announced recently that they are disbanded after the departure of main songwriter Mikael Sandorf. After putting out 4 albums toured worldwide its quite sad to hear the bad news from The Duskfall camp.
Here is the statement Sandorf made taken from Blabbermouth:
"The time has come for me to leave THE DUSKFALL after nine years. This has been a decision I have breathed, slept and thought over for a long time. I have gone through a lot of good and fun times with the rest of the guys but keeping this band alive has taken a toll on me in my personal life. I feel that we have managed to write and record four great albums together, but now it's time for me to move on."
Sandorf also adds he has some new projects in his mind and asks for some patience from their fans.

-- A DVD from Israeli metallers Salem

Salem will be issueing their new dvd titled Salem Underground on August 28. The dvd will feature a full concert footage including some guest performances by Attila Chisar of Mayhem. Plus a 32 minutes documentary titled Black and Blue and White - The History Of Salem 1985 -2003. There also will be a audio cd and 12 page booklet. It seems like a pretty intensive package for Salem fans worldwide.

check out Salem @ myspace for more cool stuff.

-- The Haunted new album titled "Versus"

Versus the new full length from Swedish monsters of modern extreme metal, The Haunted will be out via Century Media in late September. Versus was again recorded with Tue Madsen who also produced bands two previous efforts too.
Moronic Colossus, a fresh new track from Versus is currently available at the band's myspace page.
click here to check it out now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

-- Stormwarrior joins Firewind on tour this fall

After performing at some major festivals of this summer like Magic Circle, Hammer Of the Gods Spain and Metal Mania German knights Stormwarrior will be joining forces with Greek metallers Firewind on tour in november. Here are the confirmed dates for Live Premonition over Europe Tour :
04.11.08, DE, Hamburg @ Markthalle
05.11.08, DE, Essen @ Turock
06.11.08, NL, Tilburg @ 013
07.11.08, DE, Hannover @ Musikzentrum
08.11.08, BE, Vosselaar @ Biebob
09.11.08, NL, Kerkrade @ Rock Club

check out more at:
Stormwarrior @ myspace

Sunday, August 17, 2008

-- WiszdomStone's new track "The Sky Is Falling"

Jackson, Wisconsin's progressive heavy metallers WiszdomStone has just made available a new track at their myspace page.
Click here
to check out "The Sky Is Falling".

-- Aere Aeternus debut full-length "Humanity Needs No Funeral"

French Label Kaosthetik releases Aere Aerternus's debut full-length this week. "Humanity Needs No Funeral" tracklist will include titles like "Conjuration Employed Towards Invocation Of Lust And Destruction", "Life Is Nothing But A Parod" & " Final Words Before Cosmic Silence"..
Click on the flyer on the left to learn more about the release and check out Aere Aeternus @ myspace to get more idea about their mystic sexual rituals ..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

-- Unearth - The March tracklist revealed

While awaiting for a confirmed release date as October 10 via Metal Blade Records, Boston quintet revealed the final traclist of their 2008 release as follows:
1.) My Will Be Done
2.) Hail the Shrine
3.) Crow Killer
4.) Grave of Opportunity
5.) We Are Not Anonymous
6.) The March
7.) Cutman
8.) The Chosen
9.) Letting Go
10.) Truth or Consequence

for more up to date info check out Unearth's myspace page

-- Vomitory cancels dates with Incantation

Because of the things beyond control of the band, Swedish brutal death veterans Vomitory sadly announced that they have to cancel European shows with Incantation. Some of the shows fortunately will take place .. here is the full list of these Vomitory performances:
11 Sept – DE - Berlin - K17
12 Sept – DE - Bischofswerda - Morbide Festspiele
13 Sept – DE - Bitterfeld - Festung
14 Sept – NL - Zaandam - Kade
27 Sept – DE - Essen - Essen Death Fest 7 / Turock

By the mean time Vomitory gladly confirmed the release date of their next record as May 2009.

Vomitory @ myspace

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

-- another brand new track from Toxic Holocaust

Portland thrashers Toxic Holocaust posted a new track from their upcoming full-length which will be out in september. This will be the band's first ever release from Relapse Records and announced to be titled "An Overdose Of Death". With the addition of the this brand new track to their myspace now we are able to hear 3 new toxic tunes.
To check out Endless Armageddon and the rest of the new 3 tracks click here!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

-- Unearth's March continues

Boston metallers upcoming album's title is The March. It'll be again out via Metal Blade Records and will include an extra DVD-bonus in European territories. According to their label Unearth's forthcoming record will be out on October 13. This time we see Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage as the producer instead of Terry Date.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

-- Emeth parts ways with Tom Ales

Hailing from Belgium ex-Aborted guitarist Matty Dupont's band Emeth has announced that they have parted ways with their drummer Tom Ales. Ales was the sticksman for the critically acclaimed death metallers for seven years. Here is the official statement:
"We are sad to announce that ..Tom Ales.. has decided after seven skincrushing years to leave the band, to focus on family. This is not a sudden decision, but something that has been pending for several months now. Since the band grew rapidly the last few years, the time and commitment needed for being in studio and on tours increased. Tom had always twisted and turned his personal life to the maximum to be able to go along with the band shedule. Now seven years and 2 kids later, he has reached the end of his stretchings and choose to focus full time on his family life. There are no hard feelings mutually and ..EMETH.. wishes Tom all the best for his future musical career."

By the way, if you are interested in being a part of Emeth as the new kid behind the drum kit
here's the email address to apply:


Monday, August 4, 2008

5to1: 5 Q&A with German Death Metallers NECROID

Here is a brand new 5to1 interview after some time. German death metal trio Necroid's Stefan -the man behind the mic and guitar duties- generously replied [of violence]'s questions.
To accompony this reading session first i advice you to browse their myspace page and check out some brutal tunes from their latest offering Nefarious Destiny!

-Germany's not quite best known for its death metal acts to be honest... So how does it for you to be a German death metal band? What was the main motives for you when necroid first formed?
Why isn't germany famous for death metal? Fleshcrawl, Debauchery, hmmm... well that's all, probably you're right! But in fact the underground scene in germany consists mainly of death metal acts... When we formed Necroid we were all in the age of 16-18, it was the music we loved and we wanted to play and conquer the world! ;)

-As far as i've checked out latest full-length of you guys, Nefarious Destiny got very good reviews.. After some months passed since the release of the cd, when you sit back and think about the whole recording process and the feedback you had after the release.. can we say you are fully satisfied with the result?
Yes, indeed - we can! We still like to listen to this record. There is absolutely nothing that i like to have changed! The sound is heavy, the songs are great - perfect!

-Eike Freese of Dark Age produced Nefarious Destiny... He has a quite promising career in production apart from his highly praised frontman skills at Dark Age... How did you guys decided to work with him? And how was the whole recording sessions? Any big fights to confess?? :))
I'm a huge Dark Age fan, so I wanted him to produce our record. I called him and we made everything clear! When we travelled to him, to Hamburg, we had a great time - without any harsh and brutal fights. He is a great producer: he has always additional ideas, but hasn't any problems if the band wants to do it her own way. In addition to that he gives every band a very personal sound... and not the same sound for every band like unfortunately many producers do! Well, enough advertisment for Eike! ;)

-I wonder what are the favorite albums these days at the Necroid headquarters?
Woo, at the moment i'm in a hard rock mood - Ugly Kid Joe, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses and stuff like that... but that changes from week to week!

-Whatz next for Necroid? What are the plans 'til the end of the year for you guys?
Unfortunately our drummer Andi left Necroid, so our first plan is to get a new drummer to be able to play shows again! Beyond that we're talking to some labels... let's see if we find something interessting for us!

click here to purchase Nefarious Destiny online!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

-- Mastodon says no to Rasputin concept

Troy Sanders of Grammy nominated mammut metallers has just set the end for the rumours about the band's new albums theme.
"I'm glad people are speculating on what the record's gonna be. We want to keep some of the mystery behind it until the record hits the stands. But the record is not based on the life of Rasputin." told the bass player and the vocalist of the critically acclaimed band.
Sanders also give some hints about the musical direction of the upcoming record:
"Some of the guitar parts really space out. We paid a lot of attention to the vocal patterns. We really tried to become more melodic with the vocals, making them more intertwined with the songs. It's by far the biggest departure from record to record that we've done. A lot of the stuff on this record doesn't quite sound like us. You know it's us, because it's obvious that it is when you hear it. But on first listen, you don't know what the hell's going on."

Friday, August 1, 2008

-- Swedish band Devian answers handpicked questions comin' from the fans

-- August 8 is the day to be banished

Banished From Inferno (formerly known as Berenice Bleeding), Ibex Moon Records' newest offering is releasing their debut EP on August 8. Here is the official press release from Ibex Moon Records headquarters :
"BANISHED FROM INFERNO features in its ranks longtime friends Rober (MACHETAZO), Phlegeton (WORMED, GODÜS, HUMAN MINCER) and Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, EDGE OF SANITY). The band's only aim is to play some evil and beer-fucked old-school death metal mostly influenced by CELTIC FROST, OBITUARY, DARKTHRONE, BATHORY, old Scandinavian metal and stuff like that."
You can have your share of evilish oldschool death metal of Banished From Inferno at their myspace page.. two new songs of their self titled EP are being streamed right now.
Banished From Inferno @ myspace
Ibex Moon Records @myspace

-- "hyems" coming strong again

German blackened death metallers hyems (latin word for winter) have made available online a new song from their sophomore effort at their myspace site. Following 2007's debut release "Antinomie", the band is currently working on the new album.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

-- Moribund Oblivion will bury

Turkish exreme black metallers Moribund Oblivion has made a brand new track available at their myspace page. K.I.N. ( Killer Is Nowhere) is the band's new record's title and will be out soon..
click here to check out the new tune tentatively titled "I Will Bury"

Friday, June 13, 2008

-- Atrocious Abnormality interview

.:a history [of violence]:. has just conducted a brand new interview with Steve Green of Atrocious Abnormality & Comatose Music. Some of you will probably remember him from his now-inactive band Lust Of Decay. He is a busy guy and he kindly agreed to answer [of violence]'s questions.
so well, here is the interview...

-- Debut full-length “Echoes Of The Rotting” was released in the year 2007... what has been going on at the Atrocious Abnormality front since the debut’s release?
S: Just playing a lot of shows and fests. Also did a tour back in April... so we have been staying pretty busy. We are preparing to start writing for our next CD soon.
-- It says “over year went into the creation of this release” at Comatose Music’s official website...A year in the creation is something we mostly hear from the major label bands with a huge budget.. What took you so long in this creative process?
S: We just took our time writing and arranging the songs. We wanted to make sure everything was as brutal as possible. We also spent some time in the studio to achieve the best production possible.
--You guys were on tour with labelmates Bloodsoaked in April.. how was the whole road adventure? As far as i read from your blog you guys had amazin' time :]
It was wonderful! We had a killer time and some sick shows. Hopefully we will tour together again soon!
--Atrocious Abnormality seems to be havin' a habit of performing nearly all annual US death metal/extreme metal fests :] Do you find these kind of bigger events more fun or let me put it this way, do you think they are really a good opportunity to expose your band?
S: It is definitely a good chance for massive exposure at some of the larger fests. So we try to get on as many as possible. We enjoy all shows regardless of size or turnout. We just love to perform live more than anything.
--And what about Europe and European festivals?
We are hoping to do a tour in Europe in 2009. Lots of time and planning will be required, but we certainly want to do it.
--I wonder what are the plans for the sophomore full-length?Are there also any plans for splits or MCDs?
As I said before, we are getting ready to begin writing. I would imagine we will have our second album wrote by the end of this year. No plans for any splits or MCDs at the moment... just going to focus on our next full length.
--What about your other band Lust Of Decay? Any news you wanna tell us about?
Not much happening with Lust of Decay right now. Me and Jay still talk, but we are both busy with our other projects and not really looking to do anything with Lust of Decay at this moment. But maybe in the future we will return with a new CD!
--Supreme Pain, Prion and Execration are Comatose Music’s latest offerings.. Are they essential must-haves for any brutal death metal fan? :]
Absolutely! Every death metal fan must own every Comatose Music release, haha!
--Running a label and performing in a quite active band must somewhat exhausting... But it seems you are fully satisfied with your job..
It is tough sometimes and I stay very busy too. You should know this because it has taken me a month to finally answer these interview questions, haha! But I am enjoying every minute of it... very satisfying!
--What are the current records spinning at Steve’s home stereo? And which albums are on your regular playlist, all-time favorites?
S: Usually spinning promos and demos because I get so many of them in the mail. I tend to listen to my newest Comatose Music releases when they first come out, so I have been spinning the Supreme Pain, Prion, and Execration quite a bit. As for all time favorites... hmmmmmm, I have many! Definitely listen to the Misfits often even though it is not death metal. I like some old Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Severed Savior, Lividity... and plenty more!
--It's some kind of a tradition for a member of a extreme metal band to be a fan of horror gore and/or porn flicks .. Can you tell us which movies are your favorites? And what i relly wanna learn more about is your guilty pleasures, the movies you are a big fan of though not very proud of and not mentioning much about them to anybody :]
I love some good zombie films, my favorite would be Return of the Living Dead... I remember watching that as a kid. I enjoy raunchy comedy movies too like American Pie, Jay and Silent Bob... shit like that. And of course I like porn, probably too much, haha! Thanks for the interview. Check us out at or

Monday, June 9, 2008

-- As We Fight comes up with a new singer!!

Danish ready-to-explode dynamites As We Fight just announced the addition of their new voice Esben Elnegaard Kjaer Hansen.
"Esben is by no means new to touring life, which his work with Numbnuts, Stomped and stand-in duties in Nightrage demonstrates. Esben has already performed with us on five occasions, and we are very excited to have him on board!" states bass player Soren Hvidt.
Esben Elnegaard Kjaer Hansen is currently locked away in the Smart N Hard Studio with producer Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Koldborn) recording vocals for As We Fight's new album "Meet Your Maker", which will see a release later 2008. "Meet Your Maker" will follow up on "Midnight Tornado", the band's last album, which was released by Dockyard 1 in 2006.
As We Fight is, furthermore, planning tours for the Fall and Winter in support of the new album. The first couple of shows have already been announced and more will follow the next couple of weeks.

As We Fight @ myspace

-- Dockyard 1 team up with the Swiss: PURE INC.

here is the official statement from Dockyard 1 :
"As the Uefa Euro 2008 comes nearer, everybody's trying to improve their soccer skills. We're teaming up with the hosting Swiss... and sign a Swiss band! Dockyard 1 is proud to announce the addition of Switzerland's finest rockers PURE INC. to our list! PURE INC. already build up quite some following with their self titled debut in 2004 and the follow up "A New Day's Dawn". Now we're taking the next step together with the new cooperation between band and label and the new album "Parasites & Worms". The band re-defines Rock on this third record - combining the high times of Alternative tunes (Alice in Chains, Soundgarden) with the strength of great Rock traditions a la Led Zeppelin. And still they are not limited in writing emotional ballads! "Parasites & Worms" is a thrilling modern Rock album, and it will be out in August 2008!"

Pure Inc. @ myspace

Monday, June 2, 2008

-- back on the track

[of violence] is back on its feet again.. after a quite long hiatus..
brand new interviews and some cruel(!) reviews are coming up soon..

Monday, April 21, 2008

-- Judas Priest, Heaven And Hell, Motörhead & Testament!!

What do these four biggest names in heavy metal have in common? I believe we'd have a long list if we intend to write them down. But this summer the one thing they'll be having in common will definitely be a tour package. A sixteen date U.S. tour titled The Metal Masters Tour, will kick off on August 6th in Camden, New Jersey with an all-star line-up of Judas Priest, Heaven And Hell, Motörhead and Testament.
Judas Priest will headline the shows promoting their new epic album Nostradamus which will be out on June 17th. Heaven And Hell will be also be promoting a new release. Rhino Records releases a five-CD box set including all Dio-era Black Sabbath albums remastered.
for more info click here.

-- Necroticism

Earache Records reissued legendary grinders Carcass' 1991 album Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious as a dual disc (CD + DVD) featuring a documentary titled The Pathologist's Report. The reissue is out in UK and Europe today (april 21st). The first 5000 copies of this dual disc come with a free band member death scene card for collectors. Click here to check out the details of the release.
a trailer of the feature documentary has been uploaded to youtube:

here are the confirmed live dates for the "reformed" Carcass:
06 June 2008 Sweden Rock Festival - Solvesborg, Sweden
20 June 2008 Hellfest Summer Open Air - Clisson, France
27 June 2008 Tuska Open Air Festival - Helsinki, Finland
28 June 2008 Gods Of Metal Festival - Bologna, Italy
09 July 2008 Rockwave - Malakasa, Greece
02 August 2008 Wacken Open Air - Wacken, Germany
16 August 2008 Brutal Assault - Jaromer, Czech Republic
29 August 2008 Hole In The Sky Festival - Bergen, Norway

5to1 : 5 Q&A with Sweden's Calm

Starting the week with a brand new episode of 5to1 interview series. Swedish madmen Calm are this time had to deal with my 5 humble questions. As you've probably heard, or will hear a few seconds later, they released their album themselves via their website for free. So what better time can you think of to discover some brand new heavy stuff for free than now??
--Lets start with putting online an album for free idea... are you guys big radiohead fans?
Whats a radiohead? ;) Actually we were first.. haha.. We put it out for free cause we don't make music to earn money, and what's the best way to spread your music?
-- So what would be next for Calm? as the reactions you got for "Army Of A Few"'re gonna release the album in may, will it feature any extras from the downloadable version?
Since we released it on the web people begun to ask for a printed one, so when we got in touch with a label we decided to print it.There's nothing new with the printed version except the case with a printed booklet. We don't want to entice people to buy our record cause of extras. They should buy it cause they want the songs on a real compact disc with some great cover art. If you want extras you should show up when we play live or be creative and make a personal remix of our songs and put on the web for free.
--Being from Sweden is some kind of a trademark, a quality certificate in extreme metal scene.. do you think you guys benefit from advantages (and disadvantages) of this thing?
We do our thing in our way, and we put everything we are in to it. the result is a product with a Calm trademark, its just a coincidence that we are from Sweden.
-- It is written at your myspace page :"insano metal-crew which consists of six madmen and an elephant" :) what does this concept all about? an elephant??
We had this mad grey elephant pursuing us on live shows for some years. and to honour him we labeled him sidekick on "army of a few".
--To end this tiny little interview, could you please name your biggest influences for creating Calm's "insano" music??
Life and all its contents !

click here to download "One Moment To Seize"
calm @

Friday, April 18, 2008

-- Listen Fate's debut album online

Californian Deathcore newcomers Fate's debut album Vultures is now available both online and in stores via Metal Blade Records.
click here to listen to Vultures in its entirety.
or check out their myspace page for more details.

-- Vomitory: 4 more albums under Metal Blade Flag

Swedish death metal veterans Vomitory decided to extend thier contract with Metal Blade for another 4 new albums. "We are happy and proud to have signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records Europe. After doing four successful albums out of our six together with Metal Blade, it was no doubt that we wanted to continue working with them. Obviously, they like the way we deliver our death metal and we have no plans on letting them down on that from now on either!” states drummer Tobias Gustafsson.
vomitory @ myspace

-- Darkseed albums to be reissued

One of the pioneers of the Gothic metal genre, Germany's Darkseed will release 3 reissues from their back catalogue. Spellcraft(1997), Give Me Light(1999) and Diving into Darkness(2000) will all be released through Metal Mind Productions as limited edition digi-pack formats. All will be remastered with 24-bit technology and be available in European territories from May 5th.
darkseed @ myspace

Thursday, April 17, 2008

-- Another New Track from Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part is title the of new Deicide album as you probably heard till now. The Glen Benton crew has just made available another new track for download. Title track of the new Deicide offering can be heard and downloaded at the band's myspace page.

A special edition of Till Death Do Us Part will also hit the stores on April 28th alongside the regular copies. This special pack will include a free "Glen For The President" woven patch!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

-- First Three Albums of Blood Duster are reissued

Relapse Records reissues Aussie xtreme grinders Blood Duster's first three albums. Band's second full-length Str8outtanorthcote and Mini-CD Fisting The Dead / Yeest both include bonus material and all three of the reissues including 2000's Cunt album have been re-mastered and feature new artwork.
check out Relapse's online store for release info and purchasing details.
for more news about Blood Duster click here.

The 3s -- this week: Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative)

From today [ofviolence] starts a new column which will periodically bring you survey-like shortlists of some unique characters of metal .
Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative (aka "Four Dicks from Brooklyn") and Danzig was kind enough to list his "3s".

here we go :
.:The last 3 albums you purchased?
Johnny Cash - The Legend (boxset)
What can you say about Johnny Cash that hasn't been said? The boxset spans his entire career. 4 cd's of the man in black kicking ass and taking names.
Led Zeppelin - Mothership
A definitive Zeppelin collection along with the dvd. I have all this stuff already but I wanted to complete my collection.
Hellyeah - Hellyeah
This record is a great time. Good drinking music.

.: The Last 3 movies you saw?
The Pursuit of Happyness
Pink Floyd's The Wall
.: 3 bands/artists you saw live on stage lately?
Hellyeah, Mara's Drug and Suicide City.
.:3 records you won't be able to survive/live without?
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
.: 3 things you can't survive without when you're on tour?
My Bose ipod docking station, laptop & beer
.: Which 3 bands'/artists' new album you think, would surprise you either in a good or bad way?
Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Hellacopters

type o negative @ myspace

Monday, April 14, 2008

-- Sepultura clockworking

All-time favorites of this blog, Sepultura, is working on the new album which is based on Anthony Burgess' groundbreaking novel A Clockwork Orange. The novel was written in 1962, it was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick but now it is time to hear a soundtrack composed by our favorite South Americans.
"We will write our soundtrack for this story and Burgess.. life will be an inspiration also to write the music, lyrics and for the artwork. Today at the studio, really good ideas came up, the vibe is great and the songs are coming in a easy and brutal way." reported Andreas Kisser from the studio on march 27.
here is a video from the recording sessions:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

-- Warpath's Damnation in May 2008

UK Thrash Revival keeps on coming up with cool new bands one after another. This time Warpath has announced the release date of their Damnation! Apart from a fresh breath to modern days' thrash ethics we'll be hearing an album mastered by the living legend guitar player none other than James Murphy!!

click here to listen 4 exclusive songs of Damnation.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

-- Fleshgore's call for Freedom!

Ukranian exteremists Fleshgore reports officially that they have finished working on their new album, and currently looking for a proper label to release it. Check out 4 brand new brutal tunes from Wake Up For Freedom at their myspace player.
You want more of this brutal piece of Fleshgore? Than here is a live video from their recent Sydney, Australia gig.

Friday, April 11, 2008

-- Streamin' Silhouettes

Textures' new album Silhouettes which is due to be out on April 21 is currently available in its entirety at band's myspace page. To check out this streaming album extravaganza here is the link:

-- Get ready for Skinlab's first ever live album

"Bay Area Crushers" are releasing their first ever live CD, SkinnedAlive! on April 29 via BCD Music Group. The live footage was recorded at Skinlab's show in june at their hometown Oakland, California.
for more details: skinlab@myspace

-- "Eternal Kingdom" on june 16

Cult Of Luna, Swedish voyagers of undiscovered territories in rock/metal have announced the release date of their fifth album. Eternal Kingdom will be out in Europe on june 16 and in U.S. on july 8. The follow up to both critically and commercially praised Somewhere Along The Highway is said to be sounding "strong and progressive" by band members.
check out the front cover artwork of Eternal Kingdom by clicking here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Classic Moment ofviolence #1

The first video i've picked for "a classic moment of violence" posts is an excerpt from mighty Gorefest's dynamo open air 96 performance..

-- Sirenia's new singer

Norwegian masters of gothic/symphonic metal, Sirenia finally announced the new female singer of the band. Her name is Ailyn [no surname has been announced yet though :)] and she's from Granada, Spain.
"...Sirenia has done pre-productions of several new songs and recognizes that Ailyn’s voice match perfectly with the new songmaterial. The band is very pleased to have Ailyn onboard and we all look forward to a future collaboration." is what the band said about the new lady on the block.
click here for more details.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

-- Origin enters billboard charts with Antithesis

Billboard's Heatseekers chart is based on the first week sales of records and Origin's new brutal opus Anthithesis entered the chart with the help of 2000+ metalheadz buying the album on its release week. They will be teaming up with Dying Fetus and Sworn Enemy for a brief tour in May. Get all the details about the live dates @ their myspace page.

-- Download Claustrophobia's 2Thousand Hate Demo

Italian Death thrashers Claustrophobia made available their newest 5 song demo for free download. Check out their profile at myspace to download the tunes.