Monday, August 4, 2008

5to1: 5 Q&A with German Death Metallers NECROID

Here is a brand new 5to1 interview after some time. German death metal trio Necroid's Stefan -the man behind the mic and guitar duties- generously replied [of violence]'s questions.
To accompony this reading session first i advice you to browse their myspace page and check out some brutal tunes from their latest offering Nefarious Destiny!

-Germany's not quite best known for its death metal acts to be honest... So how does it for you to be a German death metal band? What was the main motives for you when necroid first formed?
Why isn't germany famous for death metal? Fleshcrawl, Debauchery, hmmm... well that's all, probably you're right! But in fact the underground scene in germany consists mainly of death metal acts... When we formed Necroid we were all in the age of 16-18, it was the music we loved and we wanted to play and conquer the world! ;)

-As far as i've checked out latest full-length of you guys, Nefarious Destiny got very good reviews.. After some months passed since the release of the cd, when you sit back and think about the whole recording process and the feedback you had after the release.. can we say you are fully satisfied with the result?
Yes, indeed - we can! We still like to listen to this record. There is absolutely nothing that i like to have changed! The sound is heavy, the songs are great - perfect!

-Eike Freese of Dark Age produced Nefarious Destiny... He has a quite promising career in production apart from his highly praised frontman skills at Dark Age... How did you guys decided to work with him? And how was the whole recording sessions? Any big fights to confess?? :))
I'm a huge Dark Age fan, so I wanted him to produce our record. I called him and we made everything clear! When we travelled to him, to Hamburg, we had a great time - without any harsh and brutal fights. He is a great producer: he has always additional ideas, but hasn't any problems if the band wants to do it her own way. In addition to that he gives every band a very personal sound... and not the same sound for every band like unfortunately many producers do! Well, enough advertisment for Eike! ;)

-I wonder what are the favorite albums these days at the Necroid headquarters?
Woo, at the moment i'm in a hard rock mood - Ugly Kid Joe, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses and stuff like that... but that changes from week to week!

-Whatz next for Necroid? What are the plans 'til the end of the year for you guys?
Unfortunately our drummer Andi left Necroid, so our first plan is to get a new drummer to be able to play shows again! Beyond that we're talking to some labels... let's see if we find something interessting for us!

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