Saturday, November 29, 2008

-- John Kempainen leaves Black Dahlia Murder

According to vocalist Trevor Strnad's announcement, guitar player John Kempainen of the Black Dahlia Murder has left the band on the eve of the band's tour with Soilent Green and Misery Index starting in December.
here's Trevor's statement taken from Blabbermouth:
"On the eve of our December tour with friends MISERY INDEX and SOILENT GREEN, we in THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are faced with a heartbreaking dilemma: John [Kempainen; guitar] has abruptly left the fold and refuses to accompany us on the tour. We are left with no choice but to carry on with the dates as a four-piece. The remaining members of the band apologize for these unprofessional circumstances, but we feel that it is best to go through with the tour and not disappoint the other bands as well as the fans who are looking forward to these shows. Please come out and show some BLACK DAHLIA love in our hour of need."

-- Slaotvean : 2 new songs online

Melodic Black Metallers hailing from Quebec, Canada have just posted two brand new songs to their myspace profile from their upcoming album titled "Hell Inside". Hell Inside will probably be out early next year but by the mean time you can download Slaotvean's previous releases for free from their myspace profile.

Click here for the details and to check out the new tunes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

5to1: 5 Q&A with Echoes Of Silence

Here we are back with a newest installment of 5to1 series...
Echoes Of Silence, a one man project of Sir Leviticai Mortus hailing from US has replied [of violence]'s questions...
The next full-length release of Echoes of Silence is titled Beyond The Crimson Gates and will be out January 6th. So right before that a small appetizer for your darkest tastes.

-For those who are still unaware of Echoes Of Silence, could you please give us a brief introduction? Why should we check out your music?
Hails, I am Leviticai and Echoes of Silence is my solo Symphonic Black Metal project which I started in 1999. People should listen since the music is not just lyrics and instruments but it is true feelings and emotion poured into sound.
-You are under the official banner of USBMS… Can you tell us what is it all about this US Black Metal sect?
USBMS is the United States Black Metal Sect which is the main supporter behind the movement of American black metal. Many assume that good black metal just comes from Scandinavia but it is not just there where the black metal scene has a major following.
-Black Metal genre, although is being performed all around the world, is stil mostly associated with Scandinavian Countries (Norway in particular for sure). Do you think this is a disadvantage for all the other bands/projects hailing from different regions of the world?
I do not see it as a disadvantage since if the band is good, it will get true fans that will listen. I have heard many great bands from all over. The great Taiwanese Symphonic Black Metal act Chthonic is getting some notoriety and they come from a country we'd least expect to hear black metal.
-So Far So Good.. whats the biggest thing you think Echoes Of Silence have managed to accomplished up ‘til today?
Echoes of Silence is solely a one-man project. I have accomplished many, many things within the almost ten years as a project from sound-wise to member problems. "Stormbringer" will be the first album in three years to have all real instruments so that is a big accomplishment to me. Just being a project this long is an accomplishment in itself.
-As you’ve just uploaded a brand new tune titled Twilightning, to your myspace profile, its kind of a "must" to ask about the plans for the year 2009?
My plans are to keep writing new material. "Beyond the Crimson Gates" and "She is the Night" are to be released early 2009 since both were supposed to be released this year but due to complications, the albums will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records. "Beyond the Crimson Gates" will be released January 6th so pick up a copy!

click on the advert to check out Echoes Of Silence myspace page!

-- Bloodstock Open Air confirmations

Britain's open air frenzy Bloodstock's line up is shaping one by one. With the addition Norway's Satyricon here is the current confirmed bill for the festival which will take place in August 2009.



-- Hordes Of Chaos on january 19

One of the veteran writers of the textbook of thrash's German chapter, Kreator, announced the details of the upcoming album's details. Hordes Of Chaos will be out in Europe via SPV on January 19. Apart from the regular jewel case version the cd will also be out in a deluxe version as usual containing a bonus DVD featuring the "making-of" video footage. Kreator also announced that there will be an "ultra" deluxe version of the Hordes Of Chaos including a t-shirt and a photobook!
On the left you can see the cover artwork of the CD version of Hordes Of Chaos done again by Joachim Luetke who also did the artwork for Kreator's previous full-length Enemy Of God.

-- Dir En Grey's Dozing Green video

taken from Dir En Grey's latest offering Uroboros

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

-- Kingdom's debut coming out

Indiana's Kingdom is planning to release the debut full-length in December via Bound To Dissonance Records. The Return is the title of the cd and its the follow up to the band's split effort with Rotted Rebirth, Black Prophecy, Funeral Eucharist and Kill Again called "Firestorms Of Armageddon".
click here to check out the samples from The Return!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

-- Slayer's new tune Psychopathy Red !!

performed a brand new track called Psychopathy Red on November 21 in Copenhagen.

Here is the link for live footage of the song shot by a fan recently uploaded to youtube!

-- Exciter's debut surfaces again with a new artwork

Canadian cult heavy thrashers Exciter's self titled debut album is going to be reissued with a brand new cover artwork via Magnetic Air/MVD on January 20.
here is the new front cover:

-- Sweden Rock confirmations

Here is the first listing of confirmed acts for next year's Sweden Rock Festival!
Amon Amarth
Dream Theater
Heaven And Hell
In Flames
Lita Ford
Uriah Heep

-- DRYLL adds a new singer to the line-up

Venom's Mantas has announced the addition of a new singer to his new band Dryll. With Scott Michalel Cavagan's involvement the quintet headed right to the studio to record their debut release. Check out the band's myspace profile to hear a demo recording done with Cavagan.

Friday, November 21, 2008

-- Born From Pain is the Sons Of A Dying World?

As the new opus from Born From Pain hit the stores on October 31, the band keeps on promoting the album without losing momentum. They just made a new video for Sons Of A Dying World available at their myspace profile.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

-- Cipher System recording sessions video footage

Cipher System - Recording session

-- Kult Ov Azazel hails Black Flag

American underground black metal heroes has made a Black Flag cover titled My War available at their website's cover tunes section. Click here to check out My War and other covers done by Kult Ov Azazel.
By the mean time they also finished recording their next full-length due to be released early 2009. A brand new track called Conquer & Decimate from the upcoming cd can heard at the band's myspace page.