Monday, December 8, 2008

-- Wardruna?

Debut album by ex-drummer of Gorgoroth, Kvitrafn's new project called Wardruna is about the see the daylight (light may not be the right word in these circumstances though ;)). Indie Recordings will be releasing Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga on January 19, 2009. Hagal, a new tune from the release can be listened right now at Wardruna's myspace page.

click here to get an idea.

-- Blakkheim's comments about the upcoming Katatonia album

According to Blabbermouth's news entry, Katatonia's Anders Blakkheim Nyström has stated the following comment about the upcoming full-length expected to be out early 2009.
"Bits and pieces have been collected ever since 'The Great Cold Distance' came out. It's just that we’ve been trying too hard, been thinking too much about the sound and direction. How can we top this and how can we change that? We've been stumbling around off-road looking for the answers and it ended up being a long walk. We don't find it meaningful to trace your own footsteps back from where you came, but we rather find the first nearest exit to the same road up ahead where we're at to get back on the map again."
He also adds "I won't give away any hints just yet about how it will sound, but we hope to give you more light on the progress of this untitled embryo as we get closer. What's certain is that we’ve found a good equation to work with now and that my friends is that it's all about the eighth studio album."