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5to1: 5 Q&A with Greek newcomers Celestial Immunity

[of violence] keeps coming across some fine metal from all over the world with the help of myspace. This time we are presenting an interview of Celestial Immunity, a fresh Greek band worthy of receiving some more attention. George Stoiloudis, responsible for band's vocal duties and lyrical concept, was the victim of [of violence]'s 5 questions. Here we go!1 Celestial Immunity was formed in 2006 but it seems it took awhile until February '09 for you guys to settle down and record a demo.. didn't want to rush things?
- Yes it took us 3 years to be ready for our first demo. In fact we had a few changes in the line up and our drummer had military duties. So thats why it took us so long to prepare the songs. Of course we want rush things but if you force things you probably do something wrong, we want the time to be in our side not against us! :D The time has come and we recorded our demo and we are very happy.

2 Could you give us more info about 5-track demo "...Lost In Shades" which is limited to 500 copies only ?
- Our demo was recorded between February and April 2009. At the end of April we finished the recordings and we begun mix/mastering with our sound engineer Doukas Siskopoulos. The recordings took place at Music Temple Studio at Alexandroupolis/Greece.The demo includes 5 songs and the artwork/layout made by Dimitris Polymeridis. We decide to release only 500 copies just for the beginning to see how it goes and if we need more copies its easy to be created. All music written by our guitarist Simos and Celestial Immunity. All lyrics written by me. Produced by Doukas Siskopoulos owner of Music Temple Studios and Celestial Immunity. The title of the demo is "...Lost In Shades" and our lyrics discourse subjects about the human feelings and souls, about the failure and how we ruin our lives and overall about sad and depressed themes.
3 How's the reactions you've received about the demo? Both from Greek scene and international audience?
- We are very happy because we hear only good criticism about our songs and the audience here in Greece is very excited about our music. This is the feedback we received and you know we are out here especially me i go to all gigs to the northern Greece and i hear very good comments about our music. We havent received any criticism by a zine or major metal magazine because we send our 5-track demo recently. So we wait for the criticism of major magazines and zines with great impatience. We have our site in myspace and the comments are very good. The feedback is that keep us chained together as a band and give us strength to go on.4 It's kind of a tradition to ask a newcomer band about their inspirations, reasons to form a band and write songs.. so what are yours? [of violence] would like to know about your all time favorite albums too..
- Heeh thats an easy question. Inspirations? The darkness, sadness, failure, the hope, all the human feelings even fanatsy themes like our song called Angels Cry. All the sad situations we ever lived, our unfulfilled dreams everything is possible to insipre us. We formed Celestial Immunity because we want to express all our feelings, thoughts through the music. We do reahersals we go out and drink beers you know its the whole package i think that lead us to form the band. We love what we do and we have faith to Celestial Immunity. Many bands insipred us but i think the most important with the most effectiveness are Dark Tranquillity/At The Gates/Amon Amarth/In Flames/Rotting Christ/Septic Flesh and our favourite albums are Damage done or the last of DT/ With odin on our side of Amon Amarth The jester Race of In Flames, Triarchy of the lost lovers of RC and the list goes on.
Whats next for Celestial Immunity? i guess booking live shows is top priority for the moment, right?
Right! We wanna play live shows all over the Greece and we recently confirm some shows with Septic Flesh/Overgarven/Crossover at Northern Greece during September. We will play live to the following months. We planning to send more copies of our demo to magazines for reviews.Next year we will prepare the music for our debut full-lenght album and we will search for a deal. I would like to say Celestial Immunity will participate in the compilation cd of the metal magazine RockHard Greece with title Greek Power V1. We parcticipate with the last song of our demo named "The dream fades". I wanna thank you for the interview i will remember this interview cause it is our first haha! Thank you very much keep deathin!!

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