Thursday, November 27, 2008

5to1: 5 Q&A with Echoes Of Silence

Here we are back with a newest installment of 5to1 series...
Echoes Of Silence, a one man project of Sir Leviticai Mortus hailing from US has replied [of violence]'s questions...
The next full-length release of Echoes of Silence is titled Beyond The Crimson Gates and will be out January 6th. So right before that a small appetizer for your darkest tastes.

-For those who are still unaware of Echoes Of Silence, could you please give us a brief introduction? Why should we check out your music?
Hails, I am Leviticai and Echoes of Silence is my solo Symphonic Black Metal project which I started in 1999. People should listen since the music is not just lyrics and instruments but it is true feelings and emotion poured into sound.
-You are under the official banner of USBMS… Can you tell us what is it all about this US Black Metal sect?
USBMS is the United States Black Metal Sect which is the main supporter behind the movement of American black metal. Many assume that good black metal just comes from Scandinavia but it is not just there where the black metal scene has a major following.
-Black Metal genre, although is being performed all around the world, is stil mostly associated with Scandinavian Countries (Norway in particular for sure). Do you think this is a disadvantage for all the other bands/projects hailing from different regions of the world?
I do not see it as a disadvantage since if the band is good, it will get true fans that will listen. I have heard many great bands from all over. The great Taiwanese Symphonic Black Metal act Chthonic is getting some notoriety and they come from a country we'd least expect to hear black metal.
-So Far So Good.. whats the biggest thing you think Echoes Of Silence have managed to accomplished up ‘til today?
Echoes of Silence is solely a one-man project. I have accomplished many, many things within the almost ten years as a project from sound-wise to member problems. "Stormbringer" will be the first album in three years to have all real instruments so that is a big accomplishment to me. Just being a project this long is an accomplishment in itself.
-As you’ve just uploaded a brand new tune titled Twilightning, to your myspace profile, its kind of a "must" to ask about the plans for the year 2009?
My plans are to keep writing new material. "Beyond the Crimson Gates" and "She is the Night" are to be released early 2009 since both were supposed to be released this year but due to complications, the albums will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records. "Beyond the Crimson Gates" will be released January 6th so pick up a copy!

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