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There’s a severe competition going on. Everyday you can’t help but come across a vast number of bands surging from all over the world volunteering to bleed your ears, take over your world and leave you desperate for more. Despite this overcrowded scene has quite a lot to offer, even more than one hectic listener can take, some lucky blokes somehow manage to become playlist regulars. Turkish juggernauts Unleash are one of the bands deserving that regular spot and a worthy addition to "bands to check out" list of yours before its too late.

With an dauntless effort to spread their music to wider audiences since they were formed back in 2006 as axeman Ahmet’s one man project then step by step transforming into a five-piece fullthrottle band, releasing a demo in 2007 and an EP –entitled “Wake”- in 2009. Consisting of 3 brand new Unleash penned tracks and a re-recording of Death Incarnate from their debut demo The New Constitution, Wake signifies a young band sharpening their proficiency in arranging and recording their music in quest for their own identity. Even though it’s undeniable to feel they still need spending some quality time to work on sounding more unique. However that obviously (and easily) can be put aside as the band hardly blunders in executing aggressive, modern sounding brutal tunes. Lamb of God and mighty “Cowboys From Hell” influences are evident and there are moments reminiscent of Fear Factory’s trademark production ethics through out the 17 minute ride of the “Wake EP”. The man behind the vocal duties, Kaan’s growls are a cross between Randy Blythe and Max Cavalera. And he does a fine job, only lacking a bit of variety. Death Incarnate draws apart from the other 3 tracks with its oldschool death metal riffage showing the band is also capable of writing well crafted tunes that would also apply to long time fans of the genre. With a more focussed approach to song arrangements, putting more effort on genuine six-string riff writing and a better balanced encounter of modern and classic, there’s definitely a lot more Unleash can offer in upcoming years.

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-- Anselmo's label releases a compilation CD

Phil Anselmo's record label Housecore Records will be releasing a 22 track CD on September 1st. The Tracklisting will be as follows:
01. Sgt. Says Kill - Evil Army
02. Soilent Green - Soilent Green
03. Fog Cutter - Haarp
04. Crippled Life - Arson Anthem
05. Self Will Run Riot - Warbeast
06. The Lasting Dose - Crowbar
07. Sealing The Ring - Rat In A Bucket
08. 36 Beers And A Ball Of String - EYEHATEGOD
09. Fictive Pathetic Realities - Exactly Violent Style
10. My Brain Is Jelly - Shell Shock
11. Phobia - Valhall
12. Beyond The Woods Of Funeral Dread - Christ Inversion
13. The Song That Sings Itself - Donovan Punch
14. A Fool's Outfit - The Mystic Krewe Of Clearlight
15. The Bird - Body & Blood
16. Pork Chop Dinner - The Sursiks
17. The Life Dream - Sky High
18. Quiet Men Keep Secrets - Cavalcade
19. Sacrifice - Alyse
20. Gluggle Struggle - Bum Freak In Egypt
21. Marvin The Martian 2 - D.A.D.
22. Supersuckers - Ponykiller

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-- New Gorgoroth song?

Regain Records has just posted a blog entry to their myspace page announcing a song entitled Prayer from the brand new Gorgoroth album is available for listening at label's page. Even though it's an excerpt, it'll surely please some of you guys out there.

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5to1: 5 Q&A with UK punkers AFS

a history [of violence] working really hard to come up with worth checking out 5Q&A interviews! The newest installment is done with UK punk rockers AFS (aka Arthritic Foot Soldiers). A scene veterans with a discography full of fine vinyl releases that'd make every single vinyl enthusiast feel excited to track down. AFS released their latest full-length studio album Immature Nobodies last year. [of violence] caught up with the guys before they start working on the follow up.

1 Let’s kick off the 5 Q&A with a question about the newest full-length AFS released. Immature Nobodies was recorded in United States, and it has an overall American way in both production and songwriting wise… What was the main motive and goal behind this decision?
Jonny: I think we felt it was time to reach out to a new audience in America,although the album has a very American sound to it,we are still writing about things that piss us off and playing the music we love,a natural progression for us as a band.
Carl: Thing is, we have always held back in what we have played, since a lot of us are from rock/metal/thrash backgrounds, we didnt want to have these influences seaping into our songs before. When we decided to write this album, it was gloves off and play what the fuck we wanted.

2 After checking out the discography section at AFS’s official website, you can’t help but have a feeling of getting quite confused with all those releases in various formats. Can you lead us briefly through AFS’s recorded material history?
Jonny: Kind of what Carl says below,we have this ethos that everthing we write is good enough to record so that's exactlly what we do,we didn't want to be one one those bands who were together for years and tehn looked back and had nothing to show for it,hence oue somewhat prolific output
Carl: Record everything .... release everything ... as simple as that :)3What’s it all about about and band’s name origins? Correct me if i am wrong but AFS also stands for British Army’s Fire Service in UK. Speaking of origins, AFS is from a city like Manchester, a very important city in rock history in 80s especially. Do you think you guys somehow benefited from the city’s musical climate?
Jonny: Seemed like a good name for a band and helped us design an eyecatching,if rather tongue in cheek,logo
Carl: AFS, yes that an old term for Aux Fire Service from the 2nd world war i think?, AFS is short for “Arthritic Foot Soldiers”, which was a remark about “middle age, which is a skateboarding site for older skater, which we set up.

4What’s AFS up to these days? As it’s been awhile since the release of Immature Nobodies, any plans for new full-length on the way?
Jonny: We are currently writing and rehearsing songs for the new album,Trash Vegas,we've around 8 pretty much written in a rough form and over the next few months will continue working on arrangements etc,in preparation for recording in December this year.
Carl: We took a year off after we recorded “Immature nobodies in the US, not because of the album, more our of time, we all have other bands we write record with. But now we are back writing our 4th album “Trash Vegas”.

5Choose one and let us know why..
- Playing at NY’s CBGB in mid-70s or at London’s 100 Club in 1976 ?
Jonny: London’s 100 Club in1976 – just to have been part of the embyonic beginings of Punk Rock in the UK
Carl: Always wanted to gig CBGB’s ... just because really
- The Stooges or MC5?
Jonny: The Stooges – Iggy just keeps on going and going and going...
Carl: Stooges, they just did what they did, they didnt give a fuck.
- The Clash or Sex Pistols?
Jonny: The Clash – A big influence on my songwriting and helped me join the Great Punky Reggae Party.
Carl: Sex Pistols ... dispite being manufactored, they had a massive impact on me as a child.
- Army Boots? Or a whole catalogue of Skater shoes?
Jonny: Skater shoes every time, I never fancied Army Boot trench foot !
Carl: Skate shoes every time.
- Vinyls or Mp3s ?
Jonny: Vinyl- Something nice about physically holding a piece of music you've created yourself.
Carl: VINYL.... fucking love vinyl.
- Sid or Nancy?
Jonny: Niether – Sid became a puppet and Nancy,well just bad news all round really.
Carl: Neither ... both were fucking useless twats!

to check out AFS @ myspace:
for the official website:

-- Evergreen Terrace Almost Home

New Evergreen Terrace record will be hitting the stores on September 29th according to Metal Blade's myspace blog entry. Almost Home was recorded at Martell Studios and Audio Hammer Studios. "We've always had a lot of pop culture references in our song titles and this record is no exception. Before we even started writing new songs we already have a list of titles from books, movies, and comedians. Half of the song titles on this record are pulled from the lyrics. The others are pop culture references that relate to the lyrical content." states ET's six stringer Josh James about the new record.
here's the tracklist:
1. Enemy Sex
2. Almost Home (III)
3. God Rocky is This Your Face?
4. We're Always Losing Blood
5. Sending Signals
6. Mario Speedwagon
7. Failure to Operate
8. Hopelessly Hopeless
9. The Letdown
10. I'm a Bulletproof Tiger
11. Not Good Enough

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-- Unearth releases “The March” again as a special edition!

Metal Blade Records announced that Unearth's latest full-length The March will be re-released with a bunch of cool bonus material on November 10th. Alongside the audio cd there'll be a special bonus dvd consisting of a tour documentary named The Three Day March shot by Doug Spangenberg. Video footage from The March's recording sessions and band's party visuals from their recent tour with thrash legends Testament titled Gig Life will be also be presented in the bonus DVD. You think that's all? It seems not. There'll also be live videos from Unearth's Wacken 2008 performance and three music videos of the songs including soon to be released ones for Grave Of Opportunity and Crow Killer.

for more info:

-- Listen "Crushed Beyond Dust" now!

The recordings, which were started in June with Jack Endino's presence at the mixing desk finally completed and an exclusive track from the new record is now online at Skeletonwitch's myspace page. The new opus from Athens' most metal five piece is titled Breathing the Fire and it'll be out via Prosthetic Records on October 13.
click on the banner to listen Crushed Beyond Dust now!!

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-- Marduk's Wormwood trailer online now

Wormwood, eleventh studio album of Swedish plague angels will be out on September 24th via Regain Records. Regain has uploaded this video footage to their youtube channel. So here we go:

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5to1: 5Q&A with Turkish Death Metallers CARNOPHAGE

Here is another installment of 5to1 interview series. This time its Carnophage, death metal heavyweights coming from the land where east meets west with a critically acclaimed debut record released in 2008 through Unique Leader Records under their belt. Berkan, one of the 5 ambitious guys responsible for this brutally charged, technically rich extreme metal is here to give answers to things on [of violence]'s mind about Carnophage.

1 Signing with a well-known label for the debut release sounds like a "dream come true" for every single band in the world... So, was the whole thing really like a dream come true for you? Feeling satisfied about everything happened since the getting a records deal and relase of "Deformed Future / Genetic Nightmare"?
- A question frequently asked during wedding ceremony is like “This is the happiest moment of your life, isn’t it?” I think we won’t agree when we'll hear this. When we saw the mail which is from Erik (UL – Deeds of Flesh) I can’t describe the feelings... It was a childhood dream for us. When I saw a cd with Unique Leader logo on it, I used to buy with no doubt. It’s more like a label based fan act. And I know a lot of people think the same. About satisfaction, yeah everything is ok. They are very kind to us and the promotion is being done the way it has to be. Of course they’re happy with the sales :)

2 Being a band from Turkey, has some certain disadvantages... But on the other hand it also must have some advantages too... What's Carnophage's opinion about it all? Would you guys will be considering living in -for example- Tampa,Florida?
- The only good thing could be the beer . “Efes” tastes like no other!! All the kidding aside, we have no advantages at all. Since the overall income level is not enough for a musician who wants to earn his life from that, we have to work in full time jobs. Thus, touring becomes a hard thing to overcome. Anyway, we are not demoralized yet... Signing with a well known label was an initial step and we will carry on this shit. Not only for ourselves, we have to do this for whom believed us!! So living in US or Turkey is not matter. We will try our best for next releases then sit back and wait to get it’s worth.

3 What's missing after a critically acclaimed debut full-length is a busy tour schedule. And with a fine record label supporting your band you should have been playing in summer festivals these days instead of replying [of violence]'s 5 Q&A :) Any plans of booking live dates in US and Europe?
- I explained the missing thing about touring but still have no idea about (not) playing in summer fests as well. If you resolve the issue of that, let me know ;) As I mentioned in the previous question, we are not demoralized yet and still following up touring and playing in Europe and US. I don’t want to disclose anything before the things are definite but 2010 seems to be a good year for Carnophage.

4 It's probably quite early to ask but, what about the plans for a sophomore release? Will there be a full-length Carnophage record next or we'd better be expecting some splits and/or EPs from you guys?
- I think it’s the right time to talk about that!! We are fully concentrated on new songs and they will be pretty different from the first one. More aggressive, more chaotic and more planned stuff is coming. To be honest we are not as productive as a regular heavy metal band. Always looking for better shit and this brings slow production time. So we don’t want to spent any songs for a split or an EP. Thus, you can always expect full length releases from Carno.

5 Seeing "Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare" between which two albums of a death metal fan's cd shelf would make you feel satisfied with the album's recognition? Or that can be asked in this way too, what would be the mp3 folder's name that "Deformed Future // Genetic Nightmare" placed at a death metal enthusiast's computer or ipod?
- Began with the first days of the band, a lot of metalheads said that Carno reminds earlier era of Suffocation to them. We know that we’re not a Suffo rip-off or tribute act but we also admit that they’re one of our biggest influences… We follow popular sites and forums on internet very often and they categorize Carno as “technical brutal death metal”. We look more major and don’t want to categorize just as technical or brutal death metal cause you can spot a black metal or a doom part anytime in Carno which sets us apart from a regular genre definition. So you could put our music to any death metal folder. By the way I prefer “shelves” more than folders ;)

Carnophage @ myspace:
for Carnophage merch :

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DeathDestruction is: Jimmie Strimell of Dead By April on vocals, Henrik Danhage and Jonas Ekdahl of Swedish prog-metallers Evergrey on six-string duties and drums with Fredrik "Loppan" Larsson of Hammerfall fame on bass. Sounds cool? Well, [of violence] also thinks that it is one helluva great line-up!
Check out this new band @

-- UDO's Dominator title track available for download

The title track coming from brand new album of German Metal legend UDO is now available for free download in courtesy of his official website. Dominator album will be out on 21st August via AFM Records.
If you think it is the time for a fine dose heavy metal from Germany, click here to grab a small treat from UDO.

The confirmed tracklisting will be as follows
01. The Bogeyman
02. Dominator
03. Black And White
04. Infected
05. Heavy Metal Heaven
06. Doom Ride
07. Stillness Of Time
08. Devil's Rendezvous
09. Bleeding Heart (bonus)
10. Pleasure In The Darkroom (bonus)
11. Speed Demon
12. Whispers In The Dark

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#shortcircuit# BATTLEWITCH - WESSEX STEEL [2009]

Black Wizard Recordings


A fan of the mighty Maiden's first two records with Di'anno on vocals? And have a soft spot for all things the NWOBHM abbreviation stands for? Then now you have a new band to check out. UK's Battlewitch's debut full-length declares their aim to conquer the lands of sword & sorcery, steel & leather even though that means taking the risk of sounding slightly out-of-date on the path to glory.

-- listen "Beast Of Man" now!

Arch Enemy has recently made the re-recorded version of Beast Of Man exclusively available at their myspace page. As you know the track is from the upcoming release The Root Of All Evil, which will be out on September 28th.
click here to listen now!

and here are the confirmed dates for the band's Asian Tour kicking off in October:
17-October-2009 @ Loud Park 09, Tokyo (Japan)

18-October-2009 @ Liberty Square - Taipei (Taiwan)

20-October-2009 @ World Trade Center - Manila (Philippines)

21-October-2009 @ Hitec Auditorium - Kowloon (Hong Kong)

23-October-2009 @ The Star Live House - Beijing (China)

25-October-2009 @ Venue TBA - Seoul (Republic Of Korea)

28-October-2009 @ Senayan Tennis Indoor Stadium - Jakarta (Indonesia)

-- "Come Alive" : new Suicidal Tendencies video

directed by Glen Bennett

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-- Contest from Dying Fetus for their fans @ myspace

Dying Fetus announced a contest that they've set for their myspace user fans on the eve of the new record Descend Into Depravity's release.

How to get involved? here is the link for details:

-- Ready for 72 hours of new Skinlab songs?

Still a month to go to hear Skinlab's brand new record The Scars Between Us, the band is going to make the whole album available for streaming at their myspace page on 12th August.
Here's the band's official statement about the full album stream:

So you better be ready to click on this link in a few hours time:
By the meantime [of violence] adds up the video for In For The Kill taken from The Scars Between Us for your viewing pleasure.

-- Skunk Anansie greatest hits release & tour

Kerrang! magazine's podcast channel at youtube has made Skunk Anansie's previously unreleased song Because Of You's breathtaking video. Because Of You will be also be released as a single on September 14th via One Little Indian. The aforementioned greatest hits album of Skin & Co. will be out in early November.

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-- Eulogy Recordings' 19 track digital download sampler!

Eulogy Recordings, one of the most well know labels of the modern times' extreme sounds, collaborated with Double or Nothing Records for a 19 track free download sampler!
click here to hear the digital sampler featuring Kids Like Us, Creatures, Living Hell and more...
for more info about Eulogy's killer roster :

-- KiSS M&M's anyone?

the word is limited edition KiSS M&M's will be on sale in October.

-- a new series of 7'' singles from Genitorturers

As announced at their official website, Florida's shock addicts Genitorturers featuring Morbid Angel's David Vincent on bass guitar started to release a series of 7'' colored vinyl singles in limited quantities, signed and numbered. First one "shockingly" titled (as predicted) Cum Junkie taken from the upcoming album Blackheart Revolution, is released on July 30th. Two track vinyl single can be purchased via Ebay. Click here to check out band's official website for details.

@ myspace:

-- Powerman 5000's new record out in October

Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere is the title of the Boston based modern metallers Powerman 5000's new record due to be out in early October. The follow up to 2006's Destroy What You Enjoy's tracklist is yet to be confirmed. Though you can have a taste of two digital singles released earlier this year at band's myspace profile:

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PsycheDOOMelic Records


Deadmask is a duo from Spain. Even though [of violence] is quite aware of the ongoing interest in music biz about this whole male vs. female duo phenomenon, fortunately we have a whole lotta different case here.
Spanish extremists Machetazo’s Dopi and vocalist Nuria blended a fine mixture of proto metal’s production trademarks with doomy riffage and infectiously loud bass & drums. Constructed two timeless sounding Deadmask compositions and four covers- carefully choosen from their “influences to be hailed immediately” textbook. Clocking barely over 18 minutes, Under Luciferian Wings EP features what we all miss in today’s polished-to-the-bone heavy music. Catchy heaviness of first two tracks, Your Other Side and Damned resembles Deadmask is not even an inch behind their equivalents performing the same genre. Nuria’s voice and accent gives the songs a unique touch that only have a resemblence to the late 60s acts. Occult doom pioneers Coven’s Wicked Woman and Sabbath worshipping veterans Pentagram’s You’re Lost, I’m Free can be considered as quite obvious choices for genre’s die-hard fans but Deadmask manages to pull it off, leaving you with nothing but a grim smile on your face. The last track of the EP, a The Coffinshakers cover, is an acoustic cut with chants of “no rest for the wicked”setting up the calmer grande final for this short but pleasing experience.

-- 13 Steps - Against All video premieres today

Hailing from Republic of Korea, sharpening their music with Madball and Pantera influences, 13 Steps will be releasing their sophomore album via GMC Records on August 20th.
The first video is for Against All , a brutal riff frenzy clocking barely about a minute.

for more:

-- German metalcore newcomers Silent Decay to tour with The Sorrow

The Sorrow, Silent Decay and The Mercury Arc join forces for the Anchorless Tour 2009 kicking off in october.

Here are the confirmed dates!
13.10.2009 MUENCHEN (D) Backstage
14.10.2009 SAARBRUECKEN (D) Garage
15.10.2009 OSNABRUECK (D) Bastard Club
16.10.2009 LUEBECK (D) Treibsand
17.10.2009 DRESDEN (D) Chemiefabrik
18.10.2009 FRANKFURT (D) Nachtleben
20.10.2009 BERLIN (D) Sage Club
21.10.2009 HANNOVER (D) Musikzentrum
22.10.2009 KOELN (D) Essigfabrik
23.10.2009 WEIDEN (D) JUZ
24.10.2009 ZUERICH/DIETIKON (CH) SoundDock 14
25.10.2009 KARLSRUHE (D) Stadtmitte
27.10.2009 WIEN (A) Szene
28.10.2009 INNSBRUCK (A) Weekender
29.10.2009 LINZ (A) Posthof
30.10.2009 SALZBURG (A) Rockhouse
31.10.2009 KLAGENFURT (A) Stereo
01.11.2009 GRAZ (A) Orpheum

The Sorrow @ myspace:
The Mercury Arc @ myspace:
Silent Decay @ myspace:

-- Dubai's proud sons Nervecell signs with Lifeforce Rec.

Lifeforce Records announced newest addition to their roster. Dubai's Nervecell will be releasing their blend of middle eastern extreme metal under Lifeforce's wings from now. Band's debut on the line will be the re-release of the Preaching Venom album in Europe & North America.
Here's label boss Stefan Luedicke's statement about the signing:
"We at Lifeforce are more than happy to welcome Dubai’s premier Death Metal band. I have been in touch with Barney for a while already, but after meeting the guys at this year With Full Force festival it was an easy decision for us to say that we need to work with Nervecell. We hardly ever met a band with such strong work ethic and with the the highly professional team of people working for the band it will be a great pleasure for us to get the name Nervecell out to the world."

Nervecell @ myspace:

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-- Former SOIL member's dirge

KOCH Records has changed into E1 Music, and Dirge changed their name to Dirge Within. Now it seems the right time to release the debut record of ex-Soil guitarist Shaun Glass' new band. Scheduled to be on the shelves & mp3 stores on September 1st, Force Fed Lies is described as a "no bullshittin'" album by the axeman himself.
click here to download the title track in zip format now!!
and check out Dirge Within @ myspace for more news:

Friday, August 7, 2009

-- video stills from new Shadows Fall video

As the countdown for the new Shadows Fall records still goes on and on. It is just announced that the first video of the album for the song Still I Rise is ready to premiere on August 11th at myspace. Until that day we have some video stills of the shoot.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

-- Municipal Waste in Color

Municipal Waste's Massive Aggressive is being released in various cool-like-hell formats for die-hard thrashers.
click on the pic below to view the goodies in full.

-- ladies & gentleman : "Ov Fire and The Void"

Behemoth's new video we've been longing for is finally premiered!!

Behemoth "Ov Fire And The Void" from Metal Blade Records on Vimeo.

-- Virginia's finest set the controls for the new album

Born in Virginia, raised by death metal forefathers, Arsis is ready to record the fourth studio album of their career. So far we'll be hearing the new tunez at most early in 2010. The recording sessions will start in late 2009 with Chris "Zeuss" Harris (of Hatebreed & Municipal Waste production credits). The cover artwork is going to be designed to perfection by none other than Mark Riddick.
The possible album title is set to "Starve For The Devil" for now. The founding member sticksman Michael Van Dyne is back in the gang. "The new Arsis record is coming along great. We have eleven new original songs nearly completed, as well as a cover song which will probably be used as a bonus track. Recording this album should be a blast, and the fact that we'll be working with one of the world's top metal producers will only make the experience that much cooler." states Van Dyne.
Arsis @ myspace :

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

-- A Taste Of Extreme Divinity final track list confirmed!

Hypocrisy is back! And the final track list has just been announced by Nuclear Blast headquarters. The official release date of the new Hypocrisy soon-to-be-heard masterpiece is October 23rd.
for more updates:

traclist will be as follows:
01. Valley Of The Damned
02. Hang Him High
03. Solar Empire
04. Weed Out The Week
05. No Tomorrow
06. Global Domination
07. Taste The Extreme Divinitiy
08. Alive
09. The Quest
10. Tamed "Filled With Fear"
11. Sky Is Falling Down

-- The "making of..." Sonata Arctica's new video


-- Kerrang! awards 2009

On a very British evening of August 3th the annual Kerrang! magazine award ceremony took place. The event was hosted none other than Scott Ian of Anthrax and Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour. here are the winners:
Best British Newcomer
- In Case Of Fire
Best International Newcomer - The Gaslight Anthem
Best Single - The Prodigy, Omen (pictured)
Best Video - Mastodon w/ Oblivion video
Classic Songwriter - Linkin Park
Spirit Of Independence - The Wildhearts
Kerrang! Icon - Alice In Chains
Best Album - Death Magnetic by Metallica
Best Live Band - Slipknot
Kerrang! Inspiration - Machine Head
Hall Of Fame - Limp Bizkit
Best British Band - Bullet For My Valentine
Best International Band - Slipknot

click here for more cool stuff from the awards ceremony.

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5to1: 5 Q&A with Greek newcomers Celestial Immunity

[of violence] keeps coming across some fine metal from all over the world with the help of myspace. This time we are presenting an interview of Celestial Immunity, a fresh Greek band worthy of receiving some more attention. George Stoiloudis, responsible for band's vocal duties and lyrical concept, was the victim of [of violence]'s 5 questions. Here we go!1 Celestial Immunity was formed in 2006 but it seems it took awhile until February '09 for you guys to settle down and record a demo.. didn't want to rush things?
- Yes it took us 3 years to be ready for our first demo. In fact we had a few changes in the line up and our drummer had military duties. So thats why it took us so long to prepare the songs. Of course we want rush things but if you force things you probably do something wrong, we want the time to be in our side not against us! :D The time has come and we recorded our demo and we are very happy.

2 Could you give us more info about 5-track demo "...Lost In Shades" which is limited to 500 copies only ?
- Our demo was recorded between February and April 2009. At the end of April we finished the recordings and we begun mix/mastering with our sound engineer Doukas Siskopoulos. The recordings took place at Music Temple Studio at Alexandroupolis/Greece.The demo includes 5 songs and the artwork/layout made by Dimitris Polymeridis. We decide to release only 500 copies just for the beginning to see how it goes and if we need more copies its easy to be created. All music written by our guitarist Simos and Celestial Immunity. All lyrics written by me. Produced by Doukas Siskopoulos owner of Music Temple Studios and Celestial Immunity. The title of the demo is "...Lost In Shades" and our lyrics discourse subjects about the human feelings and souls, about the failure and how we ruin our lives and overall about sad and depressed themes.
3 How's the reactions you've received about the demo? Both from Greek scene and international audience?
- We are very happy because we hear only good criticism about our songs and the audience here in Greece is very excited about our music. This is the feedback we received and you know we are out here especially me i go to all gigs to the northern Greece and i hear very good comments about our music. We havent received any criticism by a zine or major metal magazine because we send our 5-track demo recently. So we wait for the criticism of major magazines and zines with great impatience. We have our site in myspace and the comments are very good. The feedback is that keep us chained together as a band and give us strength to go on.4 It's kind of a tradition to ask a newcomer band about their inspirations, reasons to form a band and write songs.. so what are yours? [of violence] would like to know about your all time favorite albums too..
- Heeh thats an easy question. Inspirations? The darkness, sadness, failure, the hope, all the human feelings even fanatsy themes like our song called Angels Cry. All the sad situations we ever lived, our unfulfilled dreams everything is possible to insipre us. We formed Celestial Immunity because we want to express all our feelings, thoughts through the music. We do reahersals we go out and drink beers you know its the whole package i think that lead us to form the band. We love what we do and we have faith to Celestial Immunity. Many bands insipred us but i think the most important with the most effectiveness are Dark Tranquillity/At The Gates/Amon Amarth/In Flames/Rotting Christ/Septic Flesh and our favourite albums are Damage done or the last of DT/ With odin on our side of Amon Amarth The jester Race of In Flames, Triarchy of the lost lovers of RC and the list goes on.
Whats next for Celestial Immunity? i guess booking live shows is top priority for the moment, right?
Right! We wanna play live shows all over the Greece and we recently confirm some shows with Septic Flesh/Overgarven/Crossover at Northern Greece during September. We will play live to the following months. We planning to send more copies of our demo to magazines for reviews.Next year we will prepare the music for our debut full-lenght album and we will search for a deal. I would like to say Celestial Immunity will participate in the compilation cd of the metal magazine RockHard Greece with title Greek Power V1. We parcticipate with the last song of our demo named "The dream fades". I wanna thank you for the interview i will remember this interview cause it is our first haha! Thank you very much keep deathin!!

Celestial Immunity @ myspace:

-- listen Shadows Fall's King Of Nothing now!

Shadows Fall is finally back in action!!
Check out their myspace to listen to the new sounds from the these Springfield now-veterans.

You can also download the new track "King Of Nothing" from this location:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

-- Download Eminence's new track now!

After 2008's The God of all Mistakes, Brazillan metallers are about to records a new full-length with an addition of a new vocalist. Bruno became a member of the band in January '09 after the departure of Wallace Parreiras.
click here to download the rerecorded version of The God Of All Mistakes with Bruno Paraguay on vocals directly from Eminence website.
for further details about the upcoming release & European tour dates check out Eminence official website

--Autumn announces German Tour promoting their Attitude!

Dutch female fronted metallers announces the confirmed tour dates for September.
04/09/09 – NL – Hoogeveen – Occultfest
06/09/09 – DE – Berlin – Knaack
07/09/09 – DE – Hamburg – Ballroom
08/09/09 – DE – Bochum – Matrix
09/09/09 – DE – Frankfurt – Nachtleben
10/09/09 – DE – München – Backstage Club
11/09/09 – NL – Den Haag – Metal Mayhem Festival
13/09/09 – DE – Köln - Underground

for more tour dates etc. : autumn @ myspace