Tuesday, September 15, 2009

-- New member on board and studio update from the AEON front

Aeon has announced they' ve parted ways with their bass player Max Carlberg who has been on board for almost 4 years and did a fine job at band's 2007 release Rise To Dominate. The official statement and comments about the member change from the band is as follows:"First of all we want to state that Max is a great bass player and a real nice person. Unfortunately, he couldn't handle the life on the road all that well. We noticed how he struggled through the last tour we did. He really loves the actual moment on stage, but everything else around that comes with the life on the road was just a great deal of pain for him. So both AEON and Max agreed that this way of life wasn't exactly made for him."
They've also announced the new bass player: "When one leaves, a new one has to come…and there is no difference in this case. Our new bass player is a great, well experienced musician who is really into death metal. We think that this guy is absolutely perfect for the spot. So let's rise the horns high and welcome our new bass player, Victor Brandt (Totalkt Javla Mörker, former Satyricon touring bassist) to Aeon. We are looking forward to all the great death metal madness we got ahead of us with our new member."
Though as reported by the band, the bass duties of the new album is taken care of by guitar players Daniel and Zeb right now at the recording sessions which has already kicked off on September 1st. No release dates are confirmed at the moment but the new Aeon full-length will again be out via Metal Blade Records and will be mixed by Eric Rutan.

Aeon @ myspace: www.myspace.com/aeon666