Friday, June 13, 2008

-- Atrocious Abnormality interview

.:a history [of violence]:. has just conducted a brand new interview with Steve Green of Atrocious Abnormality & Comatose Music. Some of you will probably remember him from his now-inactive band Lust Of Decay. He is a busy guy and he kindly agreed to answer [of violence]'s questions.
so well, here is the interview...

-- Debut full-length “Echoes Of The Rotting” was released in the year 2007... what has been going on at the Atrocious Abnormality front since the debut’s release?
S: Just playing a lot of shows and fests. Also did a tour back in April... so we have been staying pretty busy. We are preparing to start writing for our next CD soon.
-- It says “over year went into the creation of this release” at Comatose Music’s official website...A year in the creation is something we mostly hear from the major label bands with a huge budget.. What took you so long in this creative process?
S: We just took our time writing and arranging the songs. We wanted to make sure everything was as brutal as possible. We also spent some time in the studio to achieve the best production possible.
--You guys were on tour with labelmates Bloodsoaked in April.. how was the whole road adventure? As far as i read from your blog you guys had amazin' time :]
It was wonderful! We had a killer time and some sick shows. Hopefully we will tour together again soon!
--Atrocious Abnormality seems to be havin' a habit of performing nearly all annual US death metal/extreme metal fests :] Do you find these kind of bigger events more fun or let me put it this way, do you think they are really a good opportunity to expose your band?
S: It is definitely a good chance for massive exposure at some of the larger fests. So we try to get on as many as possible. We enjoy all shows regardless of size or turnout. We just love to perform live more than anything.
--And what about Europe and European festivals?
We are hoping to do a tour in Europe in 2009. Lots of time and planning will be required, but we certainly want to do it.
--I wonder what are the plans for the sophomore full-length?Are there also any plans for splits or MCDs?
As I said before, we are getting ready to begin writing. I would imagine we will have our second album wrote by the end of this year. No plans for any splits or MCDs at the moment... just going to focus on our next full length.
--What about your other band Lust Of Decay? Any news you wanna tell us about?
Not much happening with Lust of Decay right now. Me and Jay still talk, but we are both busy with our other projects and not really looking to do anything with Lust of Decay at this moment. But maybe in the future we will return with a new CD!
--Supreme Pain, Prion and Execration are Comatose Music’s latest offerings.. Are they essential must-haves for any brutal death metal fan? :]
Absolutely! Every death metal fan must own every Comatose Music release, haha!
--Running a label and performing in a quite active band must somewhat exhausting... But it seems you are fully satisfied with your job..
It is tough sometimes and I stay very busy too. You should know this because it has taken me a month to finally answer these interview questions, haha! But I am enjoying every minute of it... very satisfying!
--What are the current records spinning at Steve’s home stereo? And which albums are on your regular playlist, all-time favorites?
S: Usually spinning promos and demos because I get so many of them in the mail. I tend to listen to my newest Comatose Music releases when they first come out, so I have been spinning the Supreme Pain, Prion, and Execration quite a bit. As for all time favorites... hmmmmmm, I have many! Definitely listen to the Misfits often even though it is not death metal. I like some old Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Severed Savior, Lividity... and plenty more!
--It's some kind of a tradition for a member of a extreme metal band to be a fan of horror gore and/or porn flicks .. Can you tell us which movies are your favorites? And what i relly wanna learn more about is your guilty pleasures, the movies you are a big fan of though not very proud of and not mentioning much about them to anybody :]
I love some good zombie films, my favorite would be Return of the Living Dead... I remember watching that as a kid. I enjoy raunchy comedy movies too like American Pie, Jay and Silent Bob... shit like that. And of course I like porn, probably too much, haha! Thanks for the interview. Check us out at or

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