Friday, July 31, 2009


Self Released

Italian metal scene is on the rise… It has been always an active seen, partly because of the bands sounding identical to Rhapsody (now known as Rhapsody Of Fire) with that unique Italian accent and partly because the country itself has a history of penning fine quality music. But nowadays whole metal scene in the country seems to be gearing up. We, at [of violence], have been bumping into more and more bands hailing from Italian shores recently. So now you know why this entry is babbling about Italy now. We’ve received a 4 -Track EP titled Exarco.

Adamas is the brainchild of Castellani brothers (yes, now it sounded totally like a family name you’d be hearing among the dialogues of a Coppola movie). Once they’ve managed to gather a proper line-up the usual cover songs eventually replaced by self-written genuine Adamas tunes. Exarco EP kicks off with destined to be a live-set opener The Cradle Of Judas. But that is not the first song that caught [of violence]’s attention. With its right-in-yer-face thrash riffage, Baghdad Singin’ In The Raid is the one gets the shoot at first sight. The title says it all, Castellani brothers like their metal served with a slight political twist reminding what’s going on in the real world. The thrashy riffage and lyrical concept somehow turns into a Children Of Bodom-esque guitar-keyboard marriage. And that is moment one rebellious eye-brow raises with “i’ve heard this before” suspicion… Even though we are quite familiar with the European Metal’s keyboard cliches are spread all over every single band featuring a Roland or Korg enthusiast. We just can’t help but think that sometimes it’d be very good idea to hear some unique additions of keyboards to heavy music. Into The Fit (nope, no mispelling, it’s Fit not Pit!) is the second track of the EP and has headbang encouraging pace representing a song form perfected by Flight 666 veterans, Iron Maiden. Luigi’s vocals which are quite in the vein of early Sentenced meets British thrashers Xentrix, manages to pull to the song to a different level. These two tracks are no doubt appears to be the highlights of the EP. The other two, Revenge (Best Served Cold) and The Cradle Of Judas can’t match up with the aforementioned ones neither arrangement wise nor songwriting wise. Both sounds still they have to be worked on more. Some fine ideas here and there but as a whole both sound they were quite rushed to get caught on tape. Especially Revenge (Best Served Cold).
Adamas is one of those bands you’d definitely want to hear what they will do next… They are young (& restless) and more they play live more their songwriting skills will be sharpened. No need to have a sixth sense to realize they are armed and ready to move forward and hit the next step.

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